First Devlog!

Welcome everyone to our very first developer blog post for our first game, Fat Bunny! As some of you have noticed, we released the Early Access version of Fat Bunny around a month ago on Google Play Store for Android devices, and on the App Store for iOS devices via TestFlight.

We've received a lot of praise and constructive criticize as well as a lot of bug reports, as we've been reading up on all of your feedback and applying it to the game. We're also working on more features that we're planning on adding that'll make the game a lot more fun and enticing to play.

Since the Early Access launch, we've designed more bunnies to unlock, made visual tweaks to the current bunnies, added unique world themes and sound effects for each bunny, and a few quality of life tweaks to the game in general for a better gameplay experience.

We'll share new screenshots and short clips of all these additions to the game in the next devlog as we iron them out, as well as a detailed report of what we'll be bringing to the game with the next update. Until then, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and don't forget to eat carrots!


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you guys are dope <3