Unique Bunny Worlds!

Not too long before we roll out the "Fat Update" that'll bring loads of new content and features, but in the meantime we'd like to share with you one part of the update, which is unique bunny worlds!

In the upcoming Fat Update, each bunny will have their own unique world theme that's specifically designed for that bunny's personality and character, like Bad Bunny's night-themed world with elements you'd see on the streets of a bad neighborhood and scary-looking alleyways, or Karate/Gladiator Bunny's dry-themed world with training dummies of which they'd use to hone their combat skills.

We are taking careful care for each of our Fat Bunnies and giving them as much character and personality as possible, so you can enjoy playing and immersing yourself as your favorite Bunny.

In the next devlog, we'll either talk about a new feature, or talk about all of what's coming in the latest update as we announce its release.

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